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Globe Fit Dance

Globe Fit Dance

The Globe Fit brand was created in 2013 by Hannah Murphy. Hannah danced throughout her childhood and teens, she then went on to study dance and choreography at A level. Alongside dance, foreign language and geography were Hannah’s favorite subjects throughout her school and college years. Hannah studied French, Spanish and Italian and taught herself the basics of other languages including German, Czech, Catalan and Dutch.

After completing college, Hannah moved to Spain to study Spanish language and culture. It was here that Hannah discovered the passion and ‘Duende’ (Soul & Expression) of the Flamenco dance. On returning to the UK a year later , Hannah began working as an air hostess for a UK airline. This job allowed her to travel and explore Europe and spend a great deal of time in France allowing her to learn more about the French culture and way of life.

A few years later Hannah left to work for a Japanese airline which then gave her the opportunity to learn the Japanese language and Hannah was able to immerse herself fully into Japanese culture . As well as Japan, Hannah had the opportunity to explore other parts of Asia including India which she instantly fell in love with. In particular, it was the fun and vibrant Indian dance styles such as Bhangra and Bollywood that captivated her. Working as an air hostess meant that Hannah could travel extensively during her time off also and she used this opportunity to complete her pilots licence in the U.S.A where she observed the various and diverse cultures of North America. It was in the States that Hannah first discovered the art of Hoop dance (The traditional dance style of the Native Americans). 

After starting a family, the travel had to take a back seat and it was at this stage that Hannah began to think how she could combine her passion for dance and culture. Hannah wanted to find a way to show others what the world has to offer. By educating herself and opening her mind to other cultures and traditions, Hannah was able to view the world in a different way than she had before she began her ‘cultural journey’ and she believed if more people were able to take this view on the world then maybe it could go some way towards improving the world we live in. If people could improve their health and fitness at the same time as educating themselves on the world then surely this could be a ‘Win, Win’ situation. 


Hannah has since gone on to qualify as a fitness instructor and has teamed up with other fitness professionals, dancers, linguists and marketing experts who have all brought their experience to the brand to help construct effective and fun class formats, as well as quality instructor training and franchise opportunities.

The Globe Fit DANCE fitness programme has been endorsed by Skills Active and incorporates a huge range of world dance styles that will not only improve fitness levels but will also educate participants as they dance their way around the world!   

The Globe Fit KIDS and Globe Fit TOTS programmes are accredited with KalliKids and aim to educate and inspire children and toddlers as they learn about the world we live in. Children will discover the world through a range of topics such as music, dance, drama, geography, history and cookery. Children are the future of our world and it is up to us to show them how to break through the language and cultural barriers which are the only thing that stands in the way of uniting us as one world. 

The Globe Fit HOOLA programmes (endorsed with the EMD Academy) take hula hooping to another level, not many people realise that hula hooping is the traditional dance style of the Native Americans and that there are in fact over 300 moves and tricks that can be performed with a hula hoop. Our adults classes enable aduts to discover their inner child as well as improving muscle tone, flexibilty and coordination. We have introduced a skills badge and certificate system for the children’s programme with the aim of maintaining and improving their motivation for this activity. Our aim is to see this activity being offered to every child across the UK by 2020. We also have a vision for children in less developed countries to be able to own a hula hoop and our own Globe Fit charity is currently working on a project in order to fund this. 

Globe Fit EAT will bring the cuisines of the world to your table. It’s surprising just how much you can immerse yourself into a countries culture through the range of dishes it offers. We aim to educate you on world recipes and ingredients. Our cookery franchise will be launching in 2016 and this will aim to teach both adults and children how to create healthy and fun recipes from across the globe.

Globe Fit SPA – Did you know that every country has a national flower or plant? For example England’s is the rose, Scotland’s is the thistle, Wales has the daffodil and Ireland has the clover! Our new spa range will not only use natural ingedients from around the world that will not be tested on animals but they will also educate you whilst providing you with a truly pampering experience.

Hannah Murphy
Eloise Buswell