We are excited to announce the following training course will be running during Fit JAM – Alton Towers 2020.


RockBox Fitness – Friday 24th January

A stress busting, therapy session for the body and mind to deliver to your clients!

The gains from a Rockbox class are endless! From the obvious weight, inch loss and toning benefits, there is also an added element of huge stress relief that our clients  benefited from.

This is why we call it our therapy session, improving confidence, reducing stress and anxieties, quality of sleep therefore aiding both the body and mind.

Boxing for fitness (even non-contact) not only works the whole body but improves fitness, stamina, co-ordination, motor skills and muscular strength. Releasing aggression in this way is also very therapeutic.

The drumsticks are an added fun element that works perfectly with the Rock Music and is also very therapeutic. Contributing to motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and all over body muscle toning to high reps. The use of the toning tracks with the sticks in between the boxing tracks used for high intensity cardio mean that this interval style exercise is both beneficial and sustainable.

The use of classic and modern rock music is both motivating and empowering. We encourage embracing the rock star within you (we all have one!) We find the combination of all three elements is a great way to let off steam in a safe environment and have fun while gaining fitness and body confidence.



BurleX Fitness – Friday 24th January

With a high demand of instructors in the Midlands, we will be holding another training day this January at Alton Towers Resort. This is a great opportunity for dance and fitness instructors to jump into the world of burlesque fitness and add a new dance fitness program to their existing repertoire.

Registration: CLICK HERE

TwerkFit – Twerk Up A Sweat – Sunday 26th January

Twerk up to the next level and join our team of fierce, fun and bootyful instructors.

Bring The TwerkFit® Revolution to your area; stay fit, work on your own terms, and have a ball all whilst earning an extra income. What are you waiting for?

Cost for Fit JAM Attendees: £75 plus ongoing license fee

Registration: E-Mail info@twerk-fit.com