Broadway Boogie

Broadway Boogie

Broadway Boogie

What is Broadway Boogie?

Broadway Boogie is a high energy dance fitness workout inspired broadway and musical theatre. You can dance, sing and express yourself while working out to all your favourite musical melodies. The class includes many different musical styles from various shows and films allowing you to get the full show biz experience in only 45 minutes.

Become a Broadway star and take on every leading role as you embrace a different character with every single track.

Broadway Boogie is suitable for all participants of any age. It uses the principles of aerobic training mixed with resistance and interval training to maximize the cardio component of the class to ensure a high calorie burn. Participants often find themselves working harder as they sing along to all their favourite musical acts.

Broadway Boogie choreography is easy to follow and always reflects the style of the musical or character in play. The movements are enjoyable and engaging to keep participants returning to classes again and again.

The Benefits of Broadway Boogie

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Fun and enjoyable choreography
  • High calorie expenditure in only 45 minutes
  • High and low intensity styles throughout a class
  • Easy to follow
  • Enhances self image because of its outgoing character
  • Full body workout including floor work