Mash It Up Fitness

Mash It Up Fitness

Mash It Up Fitness

MIU Fitness is a Ragga Dancehall fitness class for everyone!

Our mission is to make people smile, have fun and express themselves through dance, whilst getting a good workout at the same time. We want to share out love of Dancehall along with the history behind it all.

Author’s dance lesson in the hot Jamaican climate, prepared specially for the fitness clubs. This is a dance fitness class for everyone and anyone, from professional dancers to the average person who enjoys dancing to keep fit and active.

Each class beings with a warm up that includes authentic Jamaican dances as well as isolations for better boy control.

The routines consist of authentic Jamaican dance steps put together to form choreography.

It includes steps that condition the body and raise the heart rate, and is taught step by step to really get you into the movement, until the whole choreography is completed. The routine embraces the spirit of Dancehall and emphasizes the feeling and the story of the songs through dance movement.

It’s all about feeling the vibe and letting go!